A Sapphire Heart from Heaven

This is my most treasured piece of sea glass. For your info a heart shape is rare and blue sea glass is rare! And while that combination makes this sea glass shard special. It's how I got this piece that elevates it to a divine gift. In June of 2008 after a routine breast exam, I was notified that 2 cysts where found showing on the mammogram. There was extra concern because my sister had passed away at 28 from cancer as well as my maternal grandmother at 44. For any who have had this experience you know that this is just the beginning of the testing. It was in between tests that I found myself at the beach seeking solace in prayer for my health. I prayed that whatever the outcome that I might have the strength to endure. It was a brief prayer with my eyes closed so that I might not be distracted from the answer. I felt a warm peace wash over me and knew that whatever the results from the tests were, I would be okay. It was the moment after I opened my eyes that I saw this divine piece of sea glass reminding me that I am loved and in his care. Much to my relief the cysts were benign.