Hidden treasures brought to light!

There is a saying never judge a book by its cover-as I scour the beach for gems I must approach an area in many different directions to find the treasured pieces of sea glass. Sometimes the sun is in my face, or my shadow is in the way. People are like this too –we need to give them a second look. Try not to be too hasty in your judgements and see people in the best light possible. I am amazed sometimes what I uncover under a rock. So too, will we be amazed when we get to know the beauty of the individual.

Carpe Diem! Seize the day

Sometimes I come across a piece of glass that has been wedged between stones for a long time. Even though you can see it is an old bottle but because of its somewhat safe position in the rocks it hasn’t tumbled like the sea glass shards. This piece of glass does not reach its potential to become a beautiful shard of sea glass. Sometimes we too choose to be safe and not venture out of our safety zone. We choose to remain in the harbour of what is comfortable to us and end up stuck in a rut. Life is too short not to venture out into the world so that you may grow to be all that you were meant to.
Do you know what the difference between a rut and a grave is?
The depth!
Show up for life!


Be aware of the enchanting lure of sea glass. For once you have succumb to her mystical beauty no shoreline will ever be the same. Why ...you ask? You will walk with your head down always scanning the sand and pebbles for the possibility that you might find that elusive piece of sea glass. Some people have gold fever- I have seaglass fever! And I know that I am not alone.

Prized pieces

These are some of the prized pieces I have found along the Bay of Chaleur shoreline.
Milk Glass probably Ponds cold cream,Baby's hair brush, brown bonfire seaglass with sand trapped inside, leather shoe sole, blue noxzema bottom. If we only knew the history that is etched into each of the pieces.

Choosing friends who lift you up!

The most beautiful shards of sea glass are found on rocky shores. Not just any kind of rock but smooth pebbles. It is true that birds of a feather flock together. We too will be a reflection of those that we choose associate with. Choose friends who will build you up and not tear you down. Some friends are like sharp stones always jarring you and causing misery in your life. While good friends will build you up and help you smooth out your rough edges.


There is something wonderful, invigorating and yet peaceful that happens when you walk the shoreline and take in the sounds of the tides, the scent of the salt air, the irrelevance of time that makes this ooh so magical that it becomes an obsession. Finding seaglass in this ethereal walk is the cherry on the cake.
Sonia Turner “The Seaglass Queen”