Dionne Quintuplet spoon

This is a special beach combing find. When I first found it, I realized that it had the outline of a girl on the top of the spoon. But it wasn't till last year that I had its mystery revealed. A senior women came to my studio with her family during my presentation I showed the spoon. She immediately recognized the spoon! As a young girl she remembered sending away for the spoon on the back of a box of cereal and requesting Marie's name. The spoon I have has Yvonne' name on it. The funny thing about the Dionne Quints is that they were born in my neck of the woods in North Bay, Ontario. They born in 1934 and made into a tourist attraction because they were the first surviving quintuplets. Two of the quints are still alive however they lives were scarred by the media attention. As you can see this spoon has taken a beating.

Getting ready for the lobster season

Lobster season will soon be underway and all along the coast the fishermen are getting their gear ready. I can't wait to eat some yummy lobster!

Seaglass Queen Wisdom

The best seaglass is found on beaches with rounded pebbles. We too need to choose well rounded friends who bring out the best in us!

Carpe Diem! Seize the day

Life is forever evolving, each new day like the tides brings new findings. Let us take joy and anticipate all the exciting new opportunities the dynamic changes that this day can bring.

Glass bottles

Back in the early 70's in Timmins a group of us would go to old dump sites to dig up antique bottles. I had accumulated a nice collection of bottles through this digging. However in the mid eighties, I threw them out. I rarely regret getting rid of stuff...but this I regret. I now am a bottle collector aficionado. I love the attention to the details in older bottles as well as their colours. Bottles can tell you their age. These bottles in the picture are on display at the Bathurst Heritage Museum.
In my studio I showcase my bottle collection so that visitors can see the origins of some of the sea glass shards.