"Aqua blue beauty"

The seaglass that I use is never tumbled or drilled.
Why tamper with what the forces of nature has perfected!
Sonia Turner “The Seaglass Queen”
"I consider myself a seaglass purist"

Paradise Found

I have found Paradise! Yes it does exist here on earth- along the Beautiful Bay of Chaleur. The bay has been voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Come discover the beauty that will have you in awe...come the sea is calling your name.
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Seaglass Queen Wisdom

The best seaglass is found on beaches with rounded pebbles. We too need to choose well rounded friends who bring out the best in us!

Huge Millstone found on beach!

I found this millstone on the beach in Stonehaven. As it's name suggests, Stonehaven was famous for producing some of the finest millstones. The quarry was in operation from the 1800's to the 1940's. It was a good thing that my son Jason was with me that day so that he could carry it off. The quarry was owned by a "King" Amos Seaman...there must be something in the salt air here that has people calling themselves King or Queen. LOL

Treasures from the sea

This is a treasure trove of seaglass found along our bay. It reflects quite a time span in our history. Some of it can be quite old.

Jewels from the deep

My friend Elizabeth sent me these pieces of beach glass from Lake Ontario. While it is not as refined as our seaglass, it is however a jewel.