Happy beachcombing!

There's nothing like have the beach to yourself when you beach comb! I love mediating while I beach comb and reflecting on the challenges of the day or the blessings that I have received in my life. For me sea glass reminds me how important it is to stay involved in life whatever comes our way. It is the sea glass that ebbs and flows with the tides that becomes true gems. Sometimes I have come across an older piece of glass however somehow it was wedged between rocks and stationary and therefore did not tumble like sea glass. It is just broken glass. Sometimes we want to hide from our challenges or stay stuck out of fear. In hiding from living we don't become the person we have the potential to be. It is by dusting ourselves off and getting back in the game that will enhance our lives and open up the universe to our growth. Life is in the tumbling-stay in the game.