Seaglass Poetry

Trash to Treasure

Once thrown out
Without thought
This piece of seaglass
Began its journey as a reject
Day in day out
It ebbed and flowed
With the tides
Abraded by the sand
Tumbled with the pebbles
Until it was transformed
Completely made smooth by its journey
A magical, mystical & turbulent ride
Created a gem of the sea
Treasured now for its uniqueness and rarity
This glorious process
Reminds us of our own journey
All of us at one time or another
Feels worthless and alone
Tossed about not knowing our course
and yet if we rise with the tides of life
allowing our experiences to smooth out
our jagged edges
we too will discover our uniqueness
and become the treasure we were meant to be

Sonia Turner “The Seaglass Queen"